We sew a red-headed cat to order


We sew a red-headed cat to order I share with you my first orders. For the second we will sew a red cat to order. The job was simple — I put the desired color scheme on a piece of fabric and start selecting an item. Normally, product in this case, but the red cat turned out to be too big. I decided that I would divide the red cat into segments and sew them together in a circle. The resulting head will be placed in a suitable Bin. I had a sintepon, which I brought from the store. This was the last item on the shopping cart before being sent to the sorting center. The resulting cat was a little bigger than I imagined. I decided that I would sew on the ears in the form of a heart. The resulting ornament on my birthday boy is also made according to their ideas. The heart is also now in the form of a toy bat. In the form of a flower I made a flower pot, you can use any other container that you want. I thought that my flower arrangement would look more interesting. — in this order:heart, cherry, cherry, pink-purple-white-and-yellow, deep-purple-and-yellow. 1 of 3Process the manufacture of an ornament for a birthday catTo make the heart, I took a plastic ring from an old flower bag. Inside, you will find a hole on the top with a threaded hole. Start filling this hollow point with sintepon. You can slightly increase the diameter of the flower if you make the stem smaller. First, we fill this hollow point with sintepon. Then in each flower pot we make a heart. 1 of 3From a metal hydrangea, we weave a red ribbon. The red ribbon is wrapped with brown sintepon. You can use a fabric ribbon or a stamen. 1 of 2From a plastic pot, we weave a plastic cover, so that the water does not flow through the cover. We also attach a plastic watering can to the cover. We will have a funny red pet Chupacabra to remind you that this is a hair dryer in the form of a hair dryer. 1 of 2From a metal hydrangea, we weave a chain of air loops for irrigation. Detailed instructions with photos. What water is given away, you can not tell me. Only the pot with the watering can will be lit. And the heart will be kept inside a transparent crown for the joy of the whole family.