November model "wave" crochet in water. We do not knit or embroider


November model "wave" crochet in water. We do not knit or embroider The winter pattern "the wave" is extremely popular. It is popular with children 2-7 years old. I suggest making it with your own hands and knitting! A lot of interesting models have been created in the magazine "we Knit with a Hook". We we chose this model because of the unusual it looks in the finished model. The model uses motifs, although in the upper part you can crochet a Baby Smiles. A great option for the cold season. diagram of the jacket The model from the magazine we Knit with a Hook uses a wave pattern. For crocheting you will need to choose the appropriate motif. I used the upper part of the sweatshirt to create the model. The model fits in the sleeve, the pattern is simple. Due to this, the pattern looks interesting even for an adult. And it only takes a little to create a unique look. Crochet hook model with collar for boy. From a white yarn we knit a funny collar. Schemes of different models crocheted in this magazine. Not only are there many of them, but there are also some funny ones patterns for a beginner will make it even more interesting. 1 of 7from a magazine Colored yarn we knit a hat with a hookA funny thing will turn out if you choose a yarn of a bright color. The scheme is simple, with the help of a photo you can tell yourself the desired thing. You only need to tell your child about the pattern.1 of 7from a magazine Crochet hat with a hookThe model turned out to be funny due to the pattern chosen corners. You can safely use it for home decoration. diagram of the model to create a photo album or other decorative element. Colored yarn we knit a SnoodThe scheme is simple, you can safely use it for home decoration. Below is an example of a corner-a separate photo album for my daughter. 1 of 2photo author'sA model for children who is happy to wear a sweatshirt with a collar. A fun little thing for school children 1 of 2photo from a foreign magazineCrocheted jacket for boy with a pompom The scheme is simple, you can safely apply it to clothes. The main pattern is used for children's jackets, trousers and socks. Pads are given pompoms of different sizes. You can safely decorate such things with bolsters or a from a foreign magazineThe scheme is simple, but it looks interesting. And it can also be adapted to various things. For example, you can put a pompom on the bushy jacket of a boy. With your own hands, you can make a geometric pompom. Such a model looked very interesting.from a foreign magazineBouquet of knitted clothes for a boy. Interesting models with diagrams can be found in this magazine. 1 of 3from the magazine Bouquet of knitted clothes for a boy, 2013A small element can be linked with a pompom.Yandex imagesA model for fans of homemade decor. Yandex imagesOriginal version of the Yandex art website. Yandex imagesRead more articles on this topic:Fun game for children 3-6 years old using a bun. Yandex images